Design/Build Projects


Vorse Construction creates everything from finely detailed new custom homes, to renovations and light commercial projects. Vorse strives to develop a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ needs, dreams, and vision. The design and planning phase of our home projects is very much an educational process. After listening and learning as much as possible about the project goals, and about the clients’ tastes and style of communication, we work in cooperation with the clients and architect to identify  a wish list for each project. We have found that asking the clients to consider each phase of their project in detail very early in the process makes it possible to provide preliminary budget information that is highly accurate. This proactive approach can be a great help in refining the design early enough in the process so that the eventual design reflects a project that not only meets the clients’ needs and expectations, but is in line with their budget. Early attention to detail also makes the construction process much more efficient and less stressful, as the decisions that must be made during construction are not made on the fly, but are rather refinements of a well planned and comprehensive program. Far from the dysfunctional tales that dissuade some people from building, we strive to make our projects a pleasant experience, and are able to count several past clients as lifelong friends.