Lakeside Residence, Vermont

What descriptors might best convey an image of our residential construction project?  Lake Champlain waterfront, stream, wetlands, environmental sensitivity, significant embankment, restricted footprint, ADA accessible, geothermal, solar-capable, energy-efficient, value-conscious, talented architect, collaborative approach, discerning and involved clients.  Combine all of the above, and you will have an understanding of the complex realities of our site, as well as the challenges and opportunities involved in the design and construction of our home.

Within that mix, we made the wise decision to include an additional and essential element:  Brian Vorse, of Vorse Construction and Design, Inc.  During our contractor selection process, we carefully considered a core of highly regarded and well-credentialed local construction firms, gaining along the way a true appreciation for the excellent builders in our area.  In the final analysis, our choice was Vorse Construction.

Brian Vorse represented the best “fit” for our project in terms of cost, quality, and the ability to work successfully within the collaborative framework we had established.  Brian interfaces optimally with the project team and evidences exceptional talent, knowledge and experience.  The friendly and highly skilled carpentry crews of Vorse Construction, along with the services provided by well-established sub-contractors, all combine to provide clients an exceptional product.

During the construction phase of our project, we made hundreds of decisions and dealt with more than just a few challenges along the way.  All the while, we had confidence that our assembled team of caring and committed individuals, working in collaboration, would enable us to transform our vision into reality.  Brian Vorse, and Vorse Construction and Design, Inc., was a valued partner in achieving that goal.

–Tom & Kathy E.